Hello Games has broken its long silence on Twitter by admitting the game was a “mistake.” Then it gets weird. Watching Sean Murray and Hello Games play this out is like watching a NASCAR crash. We don’t even like NASCAR but we’re intrigued. disgusted, and ashamed all at the same time.

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Hello Games said No Man’s Sky was a mistake and we tend to agree

They’re people who made off with millions of consumers dollars on false pretenses and have yet to say a word about it. The game was ambitious yes. But the only good thing about the game is going to other planets. Everything else is crap and unfinished. Vanilla Minecraft had way more and it was only $15. with 6 years they should have WAY more, but didn’t.

It’s not so bad on the other hand. The game is obviously not easy to make, Ever try to make hundreds of different ship and character models, plus the weapons models? Code them to work, create animations, and build entire planets with different locations and space stations and much more? It’s not easy, if this game had multiplayer or at least a questline this game would’ve been completely awesome. Unfortunately, they didn’t put enough passion to their work. Shame, It could’ve been a success, but there’s always star citizen.

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However, one cold easily argue they didn’t deliver on their promises. They built a small selection of “assets” and a routine to generate the planets and ships. Only the assets were hand crafted (and animations for promotional activities but let’s not go into how low that was). They also failed to model how a solar system actually works which is sad given that games since the 90’s have been able to do just that.

Let us know your thoughts about Hello Games and No Man’s Sky in the comments.


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