Quantic Dreams, the studio behind these two games has published a Facebook post containing information about release dates and availability in different regions. The on-disc version is named Heavy Rain & the Beyond Two Souls PS4 Collection and naturally comes with both games, digital version of Beyond: Two Souls is already available on PSN but we got release dates for the digital version of Heavy Rain. The interesting thing is that North America is not planned for the physical release, but since PS4 is not region locked there are ways of getting it if you live in some part of North America.


In mainland Europe, on-disc collection will be released on March 2nd while the UK has to wait ‘till March 4th. Digital version of Heavy Rain will be available on the same dates on PSN.

In Latin America, disc version will be offered on March 1st, the same date digital version of Heavy Rain will be released.

North America will not see physical (two games collection) release, only digital release of Heavy Rain, with no exact date mentioned.

In Asia territories (excluding Japan) on disc version will be published on March 2nd, and digital version of Heavy Rain will be available on the same date on PSN.

Currently, there are no details about release dates for Japan region, but looking at other regions,  games will probably be available sometime during the first week of March.


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