“One Direction” star has started dating secretly and his new love is a food blogger as well as a model, Tess Ward. Reports indicate that the singer has enjoyed several dates with the chef based in London and was also recently spotted driving his new girlfriend in his new luxury car. Check out details!

The 23-year-old singer has been secretly enjoying some intimate dating with Tess Ward, reports The Sun. The rumored couple was introduced by mutual friends and according to close pals, this affair is different from what Harry Styles had in the past.

British Singer Smitten By Tess

Close sources suggest that Harry Styles is indeed smitten by the 27-year-old model and for him, this relationship is much more than he has ever felt for any other girl before. Tess came into limelight with her “Naked Diet” cookbook.  Reports indicate that the rumored couple is set for a long-time association.

harry styles dating
Image credits: usmagazine.com

According to the source, there was an instant spark between the two the moment they were introduced to each other. They bonded quickly over their mutual passion for food and quirky fashion and within few days they became romantically involved.

The affair certainly seems serious enough as Harry Styles has introduced his new girlfriend to some of his friends in the close circuit including Lou Teasdale, his personal stylist. The singer seems to be very much serious about Tess and just does not want to mess this relationship for anything.

Tess Spotted Wearing Harry Styles’s T-Shirt?

According to Mirror, the affair became public when one of the photographs showed the cooking’s new golden girl wearing the same red floral T-shirt that the “One Direction” star wore almost a couple of days ago.

And although Harry Styles is not exactly flashing his girlfriend publicly as of now, he certainly does not want to hide her either. Tess Ward is a specially gifted girl and has received training from top chefs in River Cottage and The Ritz.

She is well known in the fashion circuit and is also a model with multiple television and modeling assignments currently in hand.

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