Google Hangouts has been one of the most popular chatting apps on all platforms be it Windows, Android or iOS. It is the favourite video-conferencing app of thousands of users worldwide thanks to Google’s snappy servers. Google has just released the Hangouts 11 for the Android.

The updated Hangouts version 11, among other things will bring the much-awaited video messaging function to Android. Now Android users would be able to send video attachments to their Hangouts contacts. This feature had been present on the iOS version for a while now and the Android users had been requesting the developers to include the video messaging service in the Android version too.

hangouts 11

The process of sending video messages is pretty simple on the Hangouts 11. Just hit the little video camera button on the top right corner of your screen, record the video and hit send. It’s just as simple as that.

The video messaging is a cool feature and has been an option on Hangouts iOS for a great while now. Considering the fact that Hangouts is a Google App, this seems a bit odd. The Android users now have at least something to cheer although it would still take some serious steps by Google if it wishes Hangouts to be at par with other chatting or social networking giants.

You can download the Hangouts 11 APK for free from


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