Halo Wars 2 recently got an info drop about the development and process from concept to release. It looks like these guys actually know what they’re doing. The primary focus for them was to “do it right”. Something 343 should have been focusing on from the get go. We really hope that Halo Wars 2 can serve not only as an artistic redesign cue but also as an example for 343 to emulate in the future.

halo wars 2
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Halo Wars 2 gets a new developer log

“There were a number of factors involved with the time it took us to get to Halo Wars 2,” explains Dan Ayoub, Studio Head of Strategy Games Development at 343 Industries. “Some of it was a capacity question at 343; we were focusing on building out the studio and wanted to get to it, but only when we had the ability to do it right.”

Halo Wars 2 looks promising. Creative Assembly’s passion for making a sequel to the first Halo Wars is awesome to see, the solid gameplay, the combination of old and new art styles, and they’re goal to making a quality and polished games seems promising altogether. And hopefully, 343 will learn from Creative Assembly on taking time on creating a game and focusing on making it entertaining rather than rushing out a bad/unfinished/broken product like what they did with H4, H5 and MCC.

Many players don’t have their hopes up for any further halo games to be that great. But halo wars 2 looks really good thus far and the beta was very enjoyable. Creative Assembly have for years been creating not only some amazing and critically-acclaimed strategy games as part of their Total War series, most-recently Total War: Warhammer, but also injecting new life into the survival horror genre with the well-received Alien: Isolation in 2014. Maybe they plan to take cues from that as well.


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