Half-Life and its third installment have had an unknown status for ten years now. The question arises after a decade, when will we finally get some Half-Life 3 news?

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Could we get a Half-Life 3 announcement soon?

According to a recent report from movie news guide, we might get a Half-Life 3 announcement really soon. One of Gabe’s favorite games of all time is DOOM. Hopefully, after playing the new DOOM, he can see that going back to a “super classic title” as he says can be a good idea for the series.

DOOM was a game that really has gone back. It’s single player just wanted to feel like a remake of an old game, and so it was a game from the past with decent graphics. But Half-Life was famous for bringing new things to gaming. Half-Life 1 was awesome overall, and Half-Life 2’s Physics were so good that we think it was the game that actually introduced realistic Ragdolls and real physics interactions to gaming. Of course, that isn’t literally true, but it was just so good for the time. However, it just doesn’t seem like they see any way to make Half-Life 3 so it will be respected like Half-Life 1 and 2.

Also, as time moves on, the risk grows bigger. If it was just 3-4 years after Half-Life 2, the hype and expectations wouldn’t be that big. But right now, 10 years with no information about the game, everyone expects the game to be perfect. Even if you don’t admit this, you simply can’t say a “Good” game is enough after 10 years of wait. They don’t need to release a new game anyways as Steam gets Valve way more money than releasing a game would. It seems like they just wait, seeing a new potential technology to focus Half-Life 3 in.

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