After pressure from inquisitive perusers, eager for more Half-Life 3 news, Game Informer have distributed a meeting with a solitary unknown source at Valve. He has shared what he or she is aware of about the game’s development inside the organization and where the venture is at now. You presumably won’t like what he or she needs to state.

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Half-Life 3 does not exist at Valve and most likely never will

“There is no such thing as Half-Life 3,” says the source. He brought up that all Valve ever formally guaranteed was a third episode for Half-Life 2. At some point, there was some inner craving for a full spin-off. Be that as it may, since you’re not whacking a head crab with a crowbar at this moment, it plainly hasn’t happened.

One of the deterrents may have been Valve’s currently popular culture. It’s level and collective, with venture groups suddenly combining around fascinating looking ideas with next to no course from administration. It appears that, without such course, groups tend to rise and afterward disseminate. Regarding Half-Life, the source says this has happened commonly. Resulting in no Half-Life 3.

“I’ve heard that a few groups have had a few people dealing with it. And they in the long run kept running into a divider. And a few groups may have gotten up to 30 or 40 individuals before the project they were working on was rejected.”

Regardless, at least we can put the numerous rumors and hoaxes to rest. Next time you see “Half-Life 3 confirmed”, you know better than to click on it.

Source: PC Gamer


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