As you probably know, ‘Hacktivist’, the graphic novel inspired by the real-life tales of the controversial hackers collective Anonymous, was first published in 2014. The novel created by Hollywood superstar Alyssa Milano and supported by illustrator Marcus To, as well as co-writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, is now two volumes old could be soon making its debut on CW Network as a TV series.

Via Hacktivist

CW Network is a TV network founded in 2006 and co-owned by CBS and Warner Bros.

According to reports, the CW Network has bought the rights to a TV series based on Hacktivist whose plot revolves around two characters named Nate Graft and Ed Hiccox, both co-founders of the largest social media platform in the fictional world of the storyline. Unknown to all, the duo also happens to be the leading force behind “sve_Urs3lf”, a white hat hacking group with the vision of waging a war against social injustice.

Worth noting, when Milano originally created the graphics novel, Anonymous was in its prime in terms of both strength and popularity.

If this Deadline report is true, Milano will not star, but only produce the show along with executive producers Chris Ord, Matt Corman,BOOM! Studios and CBS TV Studios. No information is available as of now with regard to a possible release date for the show.


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