The latest news comes from the political turf of the US, where the voicemail of Donald Trump has been hacked by unknown teenagers. It is being said that the hackers downloaded 35 messages, and the outgoing voicemail message was also replaced. This happened last week when a group of teenagers decided to do a prank call on Trump on a phone number leaked last summer by Gawker.


Apparently, one of those leaked numbers is still active, and the hackers very smartly managed to reset the PIN of the voicemail by successfully passing through a Verizon customer support representative’s verifications. The hackers got into the voicemail and allegedly found lots of old messages that were months old. The teens downloaded the contents of the voicemail inbox and them emptied it. They then changed the outgoing voicemail message that would be heard by people who called the number.

The original polite voicemail of Donald Trump was replaced by the hackers with a message recorded in the voice of Matthew Lillard, who played the character named Shaggy in Scooby Doo movies. Also, the voicemail then redirected to a 4chan forum board full of pornography and other things. After doing the work, an email was sent to Gawker containing all the downloaded messages, of which three were released to the public. The messages were confirmed by Gawker to be authentic and were from various sources like boxing promoter Don King, Tom Brady (NFL quarter back), etc. Rest were just prank calls.

Below is a video of the hackers as they record the new voicemail greeting message for Donald Trump.


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