With a high rise of $19 billion budget in cybersecurity, Obama has given plenty of opportunities to cyber professionals. However, cybersecurity workforce still has plenty of ways to go. With the right amount of money allocated, the main problem is not the salary but the talent. Sixty percent of the colleges in the state don’t offer courses on the information network and security, so where can we get a cybersecurity workforce? The hackers.

750x-1Unless the state view hackers as a valuable asset of cybersecurity, the workforce will not be enough for the emerging threats that the network will face. Here are some of the ways to increase cybersecurity workforce, not only using hackers but also future talents.

Stop viewing hackers as criminals

Hackers are only viewed as criminals by the media, but not all of them are like that. Some have the talent to view vulnerabilities and have the ability to fix it, and are willing to fix it. They can be a strong ally to have that have that have the correct mindset.

Cybersecurity is on a league on its own

Cybersecurity is different from any other course or subject, very different from IT. Cybersecurity professionals must be trained with a strong mindset to fight future breaches and to predict what the enemy will do.

Cybersecurity as a course 

Instilling cybersecurity can be new, but as people everyday make security decisions, it is a must. A cybersecurity course could discover potential talents from a broad range of people that makes cybersecurity decision, whether they know it or not.


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