More confidential files have been released by the hackers who recently breached into the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) servers and stole medical records of athletes.

Even though initially it appeared as if the hackers were targeting US athletes only, that no longer seems to be the case as the new release includes files on several British Olympians too.

hacker keyboard, hacking process

It seems like the hackers are trying to discredit WADA by suggesting that there’s a shady link between it and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on the issue of the use of banned substances by some athletes.

Under what circumstances do the WADA clear these athletes for therapeutic usage exceptions is a matter that needs to look into, the hackers say, adding that these exceptions could be basically a “license for doping”.

In the latest dump, the hacking group released filed on two British athletes who were exempted from the restriction on mild steroids.

As of this writing, there are no demands from the hackers. But the fact that they are publicly naming athletes on the therapeutic usage exception list will definitely initiate a debate that the issue truly deserves.

While this is beyond any doubt that these athletes are legitimately using these substances, the matter that needs a closer inspection is whether they were awarded that exemption as personal favors or for reasons that the WADA officially regards as a violation of its policies.

With regard to the identity of the hackers, the WADA seems to be convinced that they are Russian in origin.


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