The main culprit behind the Fappening has been caught and charged by Authorities. His name is Ryan Collins and has agreed to a plea deal which could see him serve 18 months in prison.


The Fappening or CelebGate scandal happened in August 2014, in which the intimate and very personal photos and videos of the celebrities were leaked online. The list included A-List celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Emily Ratajkowski.

The files were mostly downloaded from the iCloud accounts of celebrities using elaborate phishing schemes. Ryan Collins send security notices on behalf of Google and Apple which appeared official to victims. Thereafter, he gained access to their stored information using the stolen passwords. The hacker has been charged with “unauthorized access to a protected computer” but not with the dissemination of the material online.

Since Collin pleaded guilty, we will probably see him serve only 18 months, whereas the original charge would have brought a sentence of five years.

Several computer from the Chicago area were seized by the FBI in last June during their investigation. As many as 600 accounts were compromised according to Authorities.

Teresa Palmer and Jennifer Lawrence cited these crimes more than an invasion of privacy and voiced for strict actions against the culprits.

Privacy is a constitutional right and it needs to be valued. Strict actions are the need of an hour to address such issues.


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