H1Z1 has split into two, and a lot of fans are quite unhappy about that. Reports are coming in from Reddit that the game might be refundable, regardless of your play time with it. We investigate.


Steam introduced its no-questions-asked refund policy last year, but in truth, they do care about two questions: how much you’ve played the game, and how long it’s been since you bought it. According to a thread on the H1Z1 subreddit, however, it seems a lot of people’s refund requests are going through even if they’ve played the game for way more than 2 hours (the refund play time limit) or owned the game for more than fourteen days.

The thread starter, RiverboatGrambler, owned H1Z1 for 13 months and had played 26 hours of it before he asked for a refund, and the request actually went through, removing the game from the user’s account and returning his cash. Since the thread was started, conflicting reports have been streaming in via replies, with some suggesting that refunds are indeed being accepted despite long playtimes, while others saying their requests were denied. As RiverboatGrambler puts it, “Some players with 1 month and 15 minutes are getting rejected, and some with 1 year and 200 hours are getting refunded. There doesn’t appear to be any specific factor that determines whether you’ll be successful.”

There is, however, no penalty for requesting a refund that we know of, so if you’re unhappy with the H1Z1 split and want to get a refund, go on ahead and ask for one over here.


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