GTX 1050 is going to provide affordability to gamers who cannot to afford to shell out large sums on of money on powerful computer hardware. According to a Chinese source, the NVIDIA GTX 1050 is going to be announced on October and the pricing details tell about a very affordable chip that’s incoming in a few months. The price has been listed as 1000 Yuan, which is equal to $149.

GTX 1050 is not going to be announced during Gamescom, because that’s when NVIDIA is going to be targeting a completely different market; the gaming notebook one. There have been rumors suggesting that a GTX 1050Ti is also going to be announced the other mobile GPUs, but that’s going to be another story for now.


Coming to the other specifications of the GPU, it is possible that the GTX 1050 features 3GB of video RAM, running at a 128 bus width. There are absolutely no clock speed details mentioned, other than the fact that the graphics card will be able to take on a GTX 960, while consuming less power in the process.


Before the announcement of GTX 1050 however, we will be hearing about the 3GB VRAM version of GTX 1060. With the 6GB VRAM version already announced, along with the benchmarking tests of the mobile version as well, we are attempting to wrap our heads on the sort of performance we will be able to experience with a GTX 1050.

There are no benchmarking leaks available, so we will have to wait for such details to prop up.


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