Mods are becoming very popular in games lately and lots of individuals and groups are experimenting with different games. GTA 5 got its share recently with the release of a new DLC by some software geeks.

This new mod comes with an amazing flying yacht. The yacht looks like every other one with a helicopter landing pad on the deck but this time, besides moving on water (like other hybrid vehicles found in GTA 5), it flies too.

gta 5 new yatch

The yacht appears to be powered by blades that looks much like windmills attached to the sides, two on each side bringing the total to four.  It also gives a whole new look to the game.

Unlike watching flying boats and drones in movies (like can be seen in the legendary pan), the mod gives you the pleasure of becoming part of the action of steering through the clouds. Though the glide is not as cozy as you may want it to be but moves more like a helium balloon, it is still a whole new experience for fans who are tired of burning the asphalt.

This is the kind of sublime features that will make game lovers not mind going over the game just to have the feel of tagging along with Captain Hook. The mod is really something to try out.

What do you think about this new feature? Does it make you want to play GTA 5 all over again? What new features are you anticipating in the GTA franchise?