Here’s a good reason to buy an Xbox One: if you buy the console at a GameStop or Best Buy, you will get a free copy of Grand Theft Auto V with your purchase. There’s no strings attached, and in fact, apart from the game, you will also get free in-game cash to spend on stuff.


For the in-game cash, you will get a “Great White Shark Cash Card”, which comes with $1.25 million worth of in-game cash. If only making cash in real life was as simple. Normally, you’d have to spend $20 to get this card.

What’s really awesome about this offer though, is that it’s good on any Xbox One system whatsoever, including bundles that already come with games. So if you’re lucky, you can buy an Xbox One and get two games with it. That sounds like a pretty great deal. Of course, it’s only valid at Best Buy and GameStop.

While the Xbox One could certainly use the leg up, GTA V has had no trouble selling well. Despite its original release all the way back in 2013, it finds itself in best-selling games charts for as recent as February 2016. Rockstar knows their stuff.

Will you be getting an Xbox One from either of the two retailers? Let us know in the comments below.


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