Playing GTA Online and interested in making a lot of RP and a lot of bank in a short time? Rockstar Games has you covered. Buzz is, that Gamespot accidentally leaked a Rockstar press release revealing a double RP and cash promotion that starts this Friday for GTA Online.


According to the post, found by the ace eyes at VG247, you will get double RP and cash for completing specific sets of Contact Missions over the course of the promotion. Here’s the complete list, including the dates on which you’ll get to do them:

  • Friday Feb 19: Double RP & $ for Trevor Missions, 50% off Jerry Cans.
  • Saturday Feb 20: Double RP & $ for Ron Missions, 50% off Blazers
  • Sunday Feb 21: Double RP & $ for Simeon Missions, double $ for High Priority Vehicle Deliveries.
  • Monday Feb 22: Double RP & $ for Martin Missions, 10% off Stilt Houses.
  • Tuesday Feb 23: Double RP & $ for Lester Missions, 25% off Lester Services.
  • Wednesday Feb 24: Double RP & $ for Gerald Missions, 50% off Micro SMGs and Machine Guns.
  • Thursday Feb 25: Double RP & $ for all Contact Missions.

Keep in mind, of course, that this applies to GTA Online only, and not the singleplayer version of GTA V.

Apparently the news was on Gamespot before getting pulled, but as VG247 suspects, information this detailed is unlikely to be fake. It’s more likely that Gamespot simply the jumped the gun on an embargo.

Are you going to get your Contact Missions on starting this Friday? What do you intend to spend all that cash on? Let us know in the comments below!


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