GTA 5 has been out for a few years now, and fans are already busy anticipating the next game in the series. What will GTA 6 bring to the veteran franchise? Rumours are already going wild, and it’s time to round them up and take stock of what to expect.

GTA Online

N4BB reports that the game will take at least three more years to release, which sounds like a fairly reasonable estimate. According to that source, Rockstar is licensing Shatta Wale’s song “KAKAI” in the game. It doesn’t really make sense why Rockstar would be licensing music three years in advance of the game’s release, but rumours are rumours.

Among other improvements stated by the source, there will be more flying missions in GTA 6, as well as a wider range of weapon choices. Another rumour floating around is that Rockstar is interested in having the game come out with full VR support (which casts doubts on the game’s release on the Xbox One, which does not have its own VR component).

Some of the more outlandish rumours for the game suggest that Hollywood actress Eva Mendes will be voicing a female protagonist in the game, and will be joined by her real-life husband, actor Ryan Gosling, who will voice a male protagonist.

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it seems the game will feature a much bigger than before. Previous GTA games have upped the map size with every instalment, so this makes complete sense. One rumour suggests that the game will allow “teleportation”, which we think is a strange way of saying ‘fast travel’. Unless it is actual, supernatural teleportation, which sounds extremely unlikely.

As always, we don’t have any confirmation on these rumours, and it is unlikely we will get any for a few years, until Rockstar is ready to show off their game. Of course, the rumour mill will never stop churning.


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