In the latest news for GTA 5’s online component, GTA Online, a special event is ongoing, called “Friends in High Places”, which will grant you double cash and RP for completing contact missions. Meanwhile, The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine expansion might be coming in a mere few months, according to rumours.


For GTA Online, players who complete contact missions will receive double RP and cash in the game. This event started last Friday, and has been ongoing through the week, although today is the last day for it. As we’ve previously covered, today is a special day, and absolutely any contact mission will grant you double RP and cash. Be sure to catch the promotion before it ends!

Meanwhile, as for the Witcher 3 news, Neurogadget reports that the expansion Blood and Wine may be coming in June this year. That’s not all that far off, considering the sheer amount of work CD Projekt RED puts into their projects. Although Neurogadget posts no screenshots or evidence of its claim, it reports that there will be a secret ending, 4 new skills for Combat/Alchemy/Signs, 12 new general skills, 3 new skills slots and 1 mutagen slot. There will also be alternate upgrades for each set of Witcher gear, the source says.

Apparently the game map will be enormous, and will cover 75% of Novigrad and Velen, and perhaps even more by the end of development.

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