Rockstar invites creative minds to submit content for the game as part of the GTA 5 stunt race contest. If you are a stunt race driver/ track creator, you can enter your track to the competition by September 12. If your track wins, you get GTA $8,000,000! This is an insane amount of money. It will definitely prove useful in the new Finance and Felony expansion to GTA 5 online.

gta 5 stunt race contest
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GTA 5 Stunt Race Contest – Submit your track before September 12

“To enter your Stunt Race into consideration, you must tag it with “Stunts” via the My Jobs page on Social Club. Your entry must contain at least 18 checkpoints. It must have 118 separate props. Also make sure that they’re published to Social Club before 11:59 PM Eastern Monday September 12th. Beyond that, it’s entirely up to you. Make the most thrilling and original Stunt Race possible and compete for fame and GTA$ fortune. Stunt Races that you’ve already created or have begun working on over the past month are also eligible for entry, as long as they meet the other stated requirements and are tagged with “Stunts” on Social Club.”

Rockstar has also compiled hints and tips for track creation on their website. If you need some help creating your own GTA 5 Stunt Race Track, you can look at the guide on Rockstar’s website to learn more. We’ll keep you updated with the GTA 5 Stunt race contest and more. GTA Online has an amazing community which churns up content for the game daily. You can check out some of the brand new stunt tracks and get a good idea of what to expect from the competition if you decide to submit a track. Stay tuned to MobiPicker. Let us know in the comments if you plan to submit a track to the GTA 5 Stunt Race Contest.


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