Recently uncovered GTA 5 Singleplayer Glitch allows you to get DLC cars in your singleplayer game. These cars include Pegassi Reaper and many others. We’ll show you how to exploit this GTA 5 Singleplayer Glitch.

gta 5 singleplayer glitch
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GTA 5 Singleplayer Glitch for getting DLC vehicles

First of all, start the game and go to Online. Then go to Creator. Make sure that you are already in a Singleplayer game before doing this. Once you’re in Creator, go to Create A Race. Then choose Land Race. Once you’ve done that, go to Los Santos Customs (at this point, you should know where it is located or just consult the map).

Once at that location, name it whatever you want and give a random description. Once you’re done with all the necessary settings needed to save the race, set the number of laps to 1. Change the race type to GTA. Now, DLC vehicles will be available to you when you are adjusting the Default Class and Vehicle option. So, whatever DLC vehicle you want, just choose them in that option. For example’s sake, just choose Reaper vehicle and Super class. After you’re done, place the trigger and save your race.

Now, start placing checkpoints until the lap length is 0.63 miles. After placing all the checkpoints for the race, it’s time to Test the track. Once you’ve completed your race you will be asked to return to the Creator. Press okay. Once back in the game, press your Switch Camera button (different button configuration for each platform) and you will once again be in the car you tested the race track with. Now go to Los Santos Customs with this car.

After you’re done customizing the car, exit the garage. Now, exit the Creator. After you’re back in Singleplayer, go back to the exit location where you exited the Creator and you will find your car parked in the garage. And this is how the GTA 5 Singleplayer Glitch works.


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