GTA 5 Redux Mod creator is being accused of stealing work from other mods. The highly anticipated graphical overhaul mod of GTA 5 appears to have plagiarized some code from other modder’s works. For those who don’t know what GTA 5 Redux mod is, it’s basically a graphical overhaul for the game that makes it look visually realistic. The mod also adds improved AI, particularly for the police. The police response is quicker and more brutal. They will also spawn in greater numbers whenever you break the law. However, it turns out a huge portion of the mod creator’s work might just be ripped off from other modders.

gta 5 redux mod
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GTA 5 Redux Mod – VisualIV mod creator claims Romito stole his work

This isn’t the first time the GTA 5 Redux Mod has been accused of stealing other people’s work. Mkeezay30 said he toyed with Romito in an attempt to flush out the modder.”I actually suspended work on my mod simply because Jrom had a history of waiting for me to update Realism before he’d add new features to Pinnacle,” Mkeezay30 said. And then Redux, just for fun I announced I’d be releasing soon, and he delayed his mod, claiming he had been hacked, well going through ‘his’ physics changes, it’s still a bunch of my old stolen work, he was waiting for new stuff, but never got it.”

CP points to the values used in the visual settings file for Redux. They are identical to his own values, and CP uses this as evidence to back up the claim that his mod files were stolen. They are the same as well as in other parts of the code where they are only slightly different.  The creator of VisualV has compared the files in his mod to the files in GTA 5 Redux and found similarities. There are other files CP digs into to show similarities between the two mods, including the main core of the weather files. Values here are slightly different.

Romito defended himself on Reddit.

“You all can take this how you want, but he’s showing us different values? Does that mean they are the same… ? Absolutely not. I did not come here to defend myself, because what he is providing as “proof” is evidence enough that the files, and values inside of them are different. Where there are similarities, it’s in the case of enabling something, which is simply changing from 0.0 to 1.0. Yes, big surprise we both wanted to enable certain visual enhancing features. Fact is, our projects are totally different, on the surface, as well as in the numbers. The use of similar values comes down to the fact that we are trying to achieve similar goals.”

We will keep you updated as the situation develops.


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