A New GTA 5 Online Update is expected to be landing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One consoles this week. Rockstar reveals sack of new information ahead of developer’s big plans for the mentioned platforms. The new update could be including content such as new vehicles, modes, and maps.

The GTA 5 Online studio revealed their new plans for the game’s content earlier this year. They revealed that the players should expect a massive summer DLC for the game. The new summer DLC is expected to hit PS4, PC, and Xbox One in near future.

While Rockstar hasn’t yet revealed a release date for the DLC but the have hinted about the content. So, according to their hints, the DLC could bring the new Gun Runner expansion to the game. It will introduce a number of new missions and some weaponized vehicles as well.

The GTA 5 Online fans might have to wait until the update lands. New information on the DLC pack is expected soon. This break also suggests that Rockstar may be no cutting lose the small weekly updates that were announced in February this year.

The small weekly updates added many new vehicles, adversary modes, and stunt races to the game. This was all brought to the game pretty slowly as to keep the fans interested in the game until the big reveal of summer DLC.

A message from Rockstar explain that

“The wide range of Adversary Modes continue to be among the most played game types in GTA Online with more to come throughout the Spring including a gallows humor take on dodgeball we call Resurrection, as well as Top Down, a nostalgic homage to the 2D GTA era with some explosive twists – plus more to be revealed.

We are also bringing some of the most requested classic GTA vehicles into GTA Online for the first time – such as the Turismo Classic and the Infernus Classic that first made its appearance on the streets of Liberty City in GTAIII.”

We saw weekly updates adding some classic GTA vehicles to the game such as Turismo, Infurnus along with some new adversary modes. Based on the Rockstar’s claims, we now know that some more of the vehicles are going to be added to the game with the next big update. However, it’s still unclear what new vehicles will be added in the future. But, a new Adversary mode was announced and that is the “Land Grab.”

Land Grab Adversary mode could be the next one to release. It’s more similar to the Turf War but it is expected to use Neon-tiles for its levels. Another new one has also been found via the datamining. It’s named as ADV_OVRT in the files but it hasn’t got any more of the details listed.

Rockstar is most probably going reveal some more info on what they have planned for the content to come next. However, there is no official date revealed for this content info release. So, fans will have to wait a little bit more until the info drops.

As guessed by Rockstar’s previous info dropping dates for the biggest reveals, it could land on April 11, 2017. However, the date’s can go up and down a little bit.

The Gun Runner update is currently the latest of what Rockstar has planned for GTA 5 Online. Red Dead Redemption 2 is set for release in Autumn 2017, it could also be Rockstar’s another big reveal this season.


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