We;ll be giving you guys some of our best GTA 5 online stunt race tips and tricks. We hope you get better at stunt races after reading this so you can win a lot more money. Also, with the double money and double RP hitting the game every too often, it is important you take advantage of that to earn maximum GTA dollars.

gta 5 online stunt race tips
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GTA 5 Online Stunt race tips – Get huge speed boosts by driving on the rumble strips

The best way to win a race and win loads of cash and get called hacker simultaneously is to get huge speed boosts throughout the race. Rumble strips are the red and white bulging strips to the sides of the track. Don’t stay on the rumble strip but keep driving over it, so you keep gaining velocity when you get on the strip and get off it and then get on back again. This will make a huge difference to your speed. In act, driving our any kind of bump in the game will give you a speed boost. If you have your controller’s vibration set to on, it’ll go crazy and that might get troublesome. So, it is recommended you turn it off to easily control your car on the rumble strip.

gta 5 online stunt race tips
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Drive up the sides of the yellow caged tubes

The yellow caged tubes can give you the extra speed boost if you drive through them correctly. Just remember to drive on the sides instead of the middle. This will give your car more speed. Once again, this has also to do with the bump effect accelerating your car. Driving to the sides will make your car experience bumps more than driving at the bottom. The momentum from that will accelerate your car much faster.

gta 5 online stunt races
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Use the handbrake turn in mid-air to balance your car

Hold the handbrake and spin your car in 360 degrees in mid-air. Say you hit a ramp wrong or the somersault you were trying to do for the extra RP bonus mid-race went wrong, then you can hold the handbrake turn to become upright again. That’ll prevent you from landing in the wrong way and getting blown up, so it’s definitely useful.

gta 5 online stunt race tips
Handbrake turn for stunt races

Crash other players in the slow-down zones

At the top of some of the jumps, there are slow down zones which prevent you from going too fast. This makes it so you don’t go flying all the way off the race track and could descend with ease. However, if two cars go through this slow down portion at once, the first car will slow down a lot quicker than the car behind it. So, say you and another rival enter the slow down zone with your directly behind him. You can take advantage of his higher slow down and ram your car into him to send him off the track or just mess up his balance.

gta 5 online stunt race tips
Bump into the other car during slow-down

Bike stunt races – Gliding trick

If you lean back in mid-air during a stunt race you can glide infinitely. If you do it correctly, you;ll gain so much distance and speed when you land that you can potentially win the race. In the stunt race Afterburner, there is a huge run at the beginning. Lean back in mid-air after you hit the speedy jump and glide for a bit. After you land, if you did the glide correctly, you can gain so much distance and speed that your chances of winning will increase significantly.

gta 5 online stunt race tips
gta bike glide

Pull a 360 degree loop in the tubes if you have a Super Car

You have one of those high speed super car, do a 360 degree in the tubes. With each completed loop, your speed will increase and so by the time you exit the loop you will be going breakneck speed.

gta 5 online stunt race tips
Do a barrel roll!

Let us know if our GTA 5 Online Stunt Race Tips were helpful. Rockstar also announced a competition for Stunt track creators. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more GTA 5 Online Stunt Race Tips.


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