We have some very exciting news to share with you guys. And it’s regarding the future of GTA 5 Online and how Rockstar plans to support it all the way till the end of 2016. We will keep getting DLC for GTA 5 Online because how much can they put out for a “Red Dead Online”. You only need one horse but you want many cars. They will keep putting GTA 5 Online DLC out for people to buy shark cards for.

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Here’s all the new stuff you will be getting in GTA 5 Online

The new Shotaro bike, a take on the vehicles from the movie Tron, is now available. A new adversary mode will also be launched that will include the only way in which the new vehicle can be unlocked. Lost vs Damned was released recently and the only gamemode left to be released is Kill Quota.

Deadline will need to be played to unlock the Shotaro, which is set to cost over $2.5m to buy in-game. The Tron-style outfits that come with the new biker won’t be cheap either, costing around 200k a pop. Expect new content like the Esskey and Youga Classic.

We have our own ideas as to what Rockstar should add more to the game. They should make a $1 million ticket that pretty much unlocks North Yanton permanently. If you have it, you fly out over the ocean and will get to it, but if you don’t have it there will just be a barrier still. The reason why we get updates gradually or sometimes suddenly is that Rockstar waits to see if the player count drops. When it does, they will release new content to get the player count back up again. We expect them to keep doing this till Red Dead Redemption 2 is released in 2017. We’ll keep you updated with any more


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