This problem in GTA 5 Online needs coverage. We can not stress to everyone. GTA 5 Online Public Lobbies ARE NOT SAFE. A lot of people are currently in the bad sport lobby. And they have seen hundreds of people in there that have also been placed in there because of modders.

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GTA 5 Online ban wave threatens anyone on PC, modded or not

It’s not a surprise that Rockstar is banning modders again but they should fix the game first. We don’t blame the modders. Get your insane prices correct Rockstar. Like the game is like 50 bucks but actually the game is like $500 because of all the shark cards you have to buy. Like seriously, if you are going to do that in online, at least let us have all the cars clothes etc in story mode.

Does Rockstar you really think one can earn so much money? Unless you’re a person who constantly plays GTA Online 24/7, you will not manage to earn 10 Mill + by just doing jobs and heists etc. The payouts are so bad in Online.

However, you shouldn’t be scared if there is really “no reason”. If you have done something rockstar don’t want you to do then possibly expect a ban. Rockstar is pretty on the game with banning past people. If you get banned on PC, it means it’s quite possible you’ve either been in a modders lobby or have willingly picked up cash.

Honestly, the modders aren’t the bad guys. R* is. A lot of them drop money and make the game more enjoyable for the players who get money. Rockstar has created a high demand for money with their extremely high prices on a lot of things. A Yacht costs 8mil, painting your office walls 500k. Way too much. And if a modder is annoying, you can just leave the lobby, not a big problem.


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