A new motorcycle that’s in the game is available exclusively for a limited time. Rockstar’s news wire says the GTA 5 Online Halloween DLC Pegassi Vortex Super Fast Motorcycle is currently available. But it’s a limited time offer, so make sure you get the most out of it. The motorcycle will only be in the game today. They could be just bluffing and simply want you to spend your cash on it but who knows.

gta 5 online halloween dlc pegassi vortex super fast motorcycle
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GTA 5 Online Halloween DLC Pegassi Vortex Super Fast Motorcycle

These motorcycles are pretty cool and are important additions to your garage. Log into the game and buy one or two for your garage. It’s a rare vehicle with different enticing versions. One has the stock wheels on it that look like racing tires. Another one has a blue shade and the tires have a white outline to it. The ultra blue and black ivory look complements the overall look a lot.

The seat is really tiny but we’re pretty sure that doesn’t do anything to hamper your gameplay. If you don’t like it, you can change it to a long seat but it will only make it look more comforting. However, we recommend you keep the Stock seat because the default look is pretty cool. For fuel tanks, just use the Aggressor Tank. The Alien Secondary Headlights add swag to your bike so the money spent on getting those will be worth it as well.

Change the front mud guards to something that complements the color of your bike. Try the Engraved Frame and see how it makes your bike look. For engines, just try to get one that covers your motorcycle the most.

Let us know your thoughts about the new GTA 5 Online Halloween DLC Pegassi Vortex Super Fast Motorcycle. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news and updates.


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