Seems the bugs will not be flying off GTA 5 anytime soon. No matter how many times Rockstar puts in hard work to create DLCs with updates, something just keeps showing up. Nothing turns gamers off like a huge dose of glitch in a single game; like a huge chunk of poorly cooked meat, it is hard to swallow. Many keeps wondering when a game will be released bug-free.

GTA 5 Online
Image: Screenshot from YouTube video

Fans of GTA 5 have discovered a dimensional crossing which enables players to play the GTA Online like GTA 5 single player. GTA 5 tipster and YouTuber MrBossFTW said he had recreated such glitch on Xbox one and hope it would work on PS4 and the PC.

MrBossFTW while explaining the process said it actually takes the time to complete. He said to make witness the glitch, “Pull up your phone and call in for a Deathmatch or Last Man Standing mission. The first sign that the glitch works is if the game breaks if it fails to send you to the job that you want. Next, the H.U.D. and indicators on the screen will also disappear.”

When initiated, the glitch disconnects you from all GTA online functions. You lose control of your phones, weapon wheel, map. You practically become a tourist specialized in jacking cars and roaming about Los Santos. That would be fun, right?

The most interesting part of the glitch is that it makes you a superhuman that can access buildings that were previously impossible when you either play as single player or via online. The most interesting buildings (which you can enter) had to do with the Heist mission and includes Tequi-La-La bar, Blaine County Sheriff Department, and the Fleeca banks (but the vaults still shuts you out).

Basically, all the buildings in the Heist mission should open for you and this glitch is particularly of interest GTA fans.


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