GTA 5 Online this week will feature new bonuses for the player base. Check them out below and let us know what you think. We’ll keep you updated with more GTA 5 Online bonus news and updates. This week we have double GTA$ and RP in all Parachute Jobs and the Drop Zone Adversary Mode. Warstock Cache & Carry has half off its entire inventory of military and utility vehicles. Merryweather has half off their full range of services. There’s 25% off the Armored Kuruma and a bevy of discounts at all Ammu-Nation locations.

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Parachute Jumps and Drop Zone modes

Double GTA$ and RP in all variations of the two parachute modes this week (parachuting jumps and drop zones). There’s also a custom Double GTA$ & RP Playlist featuring both modes. This includes:

A Ridge Too Far, Drop Zone I 

High Overheads, Drop Zone IV

Make your own Playlist by bookmarking Jobs at Social Club and then create a Playlist in-game via the Online tab in the pause menu.

50% off at Warstock Cache and Carry

Furthermore, you can also try some of the weapons and armored utilities.

50% off Merryweather services

Ammo Drops, Boat and Helicopter Pickups, calls to Mercenaries and more are all included.

25% off the armored Kuruma

25% off at Southern San Andreas Super Autos. It is perfect for quick getaways and surviving vehicular combat that would send lesser cars to the scrapyard.

 Ammu-Nation has 25% off

Body Armor, Assault Rifle, and Ammo are all for 25% off. Also included as part of this week’s preparedness discount are all Throwables, everything from Sticky Bombs to Grenades, so you can keep your distance and still remain a viable threat.

GTA 5 Online Bonus for Premium Stunt Race – Threading the needle

Threading the Needle is this week’s Premium Stunt Race in GTA 5 Online. Locked to Motorcycles, this Race is just over 3 miles of track and will require intense focus so crack open a Sprunk and saddle up. GTA$ payouts await the top three finishers, along with Triple RP for all who participate.

GTA 5 Online is also rumored to get a new DLC in the future.


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