The brand new GTA 5 Online Biker DLC has arrived. The download size is 2 GB but we’re pretty sure if you were patient enough to wait for it since the leaks, you would have no problem sacrificing some of your bandwidth for it as well. A lot of people were very hyped for this because it was one of the most highly anticipated DLCs for the game. Well, it’s finally here and you can download it.

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GTA 5 Online 2GB Biker DLC Now Available

The files for Biker DLC were leaked a long time ago. That was back in July. Obviously, it was not until a couple of weeks ago that the DLC was officially announced. What’s interesting about this update is that Rockstar has incorporated fan suggestions before. Usually, developers don’t wish to conform to the public idea of what should come in the game next. This is obviously true for AAA developers and not so much true for indie developers (although we know some of them are major liars *Sean Murray*).

Anyways, the public had previously voice opinions over a Biker themed DLC/ expansion. And that’s exactly what they’ve got now. So, we know Rockstar is a company that not only makes super awesome games but keeps in touch with their fan base as well.

What’s also interesting about the new GTA 5 expansion is that it uses Road Rash style driver combat. This hankers back to the old days when destroying your opponent mid-race in a much more personal manner was an absolute delight.

Anyways, if you’ve downloaded GTA 5 Online Biker DLC, let us know whether you are enjoying it. What other content updates do you think Rockstar should add to the game next? Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more news and updates. We’ll keep you up to date with more news regarding this new DLC.


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