GTA V’s online component, GTA Online has been getting consistent promotions running back-to-back over the past few weeks, be it “Till Death Do Us Part”, “Contact Missions”, “Rhino Hunt” or “Versus Missions”. GTA Online players have been rolling in double RP and Cash, and it appears that now, something big is on the horizon.

gta 5 single player dlc reports

According to GTA 5 tipster TezFunz2, a new piece of GTA DLC might be made available on March 15th, which is in exactly a week from today. The tweet was then replaced by this one: “Yan2295 #March11 #GTA Something will happen? Shh!” This tweet was eventually deleted, but it does point to something happen this Friday. This actually slots in nicely with the fact that each of the GTA Online promotions we’ve seen recently have begun on Fridays.

According to other tipsters, the coming GTA Online DLC update will be Lowriders Part 2, and will bring variations of the following cars: Faction, Minivan, Sabre GT, Slam Van, Tornado, and Virgo variants.

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What do you think will the upcoming update for GTA Online bring? Let us know in the comments below.