GTA 5 map is now available as a google map on a separate website. You can open the website and see it for yourself. The map features the location of everything from main missions, extra activities to shops and even all miscellaneous objects.

gta 5 map

GTA 5 Map is Now Available – Here’s your chance to get that 100% in GTA 5 Single-Player easily

So, just go to the GTA 5 map website and toggle the location of any side mission you want to complete or any miscellaneous item you want to find. The location of all houses to vandalize in the Lenny Avery Real Estate side mission is also available here.

It will only take a minute to get a hang of the map interface, and you’ll probably find a cool feature you didn’t know about. All the marker types are available on the map. You can show/hide individual categories by clicking on them. There is also a button which you can click on to toggle all the street names, very useful for finding your way around Los Santos to get to a specific place if you aren’t familiar with the city already.

Clicking the “Show User Locations” button will enable/disabled user-added locations. Most markers won’t show on the map without turning this switch on.

If you know of a location that isn’t marked on the map you can add it. Once you click on the option, a marker will appear. Drag this marker to place it, and then click it to open the info dialog. Some categories are ‘locked’ – which means you can’t add locations to them. This is because the map makers already have all locations in that category marked.

Let us know what you think of the GTA 5 map on Google maps. Stay tuned to the one and only MobiPicker for more GTA 5 map news and updates.


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