Rockstar has done a commendable job of creating beautiful, detailed, alluring, and interactive cities in the GTA series. The captivating world in the game has got the players hooked from the very beginning, and GTA 5 Los Santos is no exception. It is definitely not easy to clone a city like Los Santos. However, Minecraft developers have taken up the challenge to bring the Los Santos city to the Minecraft game, block by block.

gta 5 los santos to minecraft

It’s not the first time that the Minecraft guys are replicating something. They have previously mirrored the Game of Thrones’ famous Castle Black, and they did a very good job. And now that they have turned to GTA 5 to showcase their cloning skills, they are all ready to build Los Santos one by one.

Just imagining about the end result will make you believe that the details will be extreme. From typical buildings to trees and street lamps, everything will be mirrored and will be instantly recognized by GTA 5 gamers. We can only imagine the amount of patience and time that is being invested by the Minecraft developers to bring the huge GTA 5 structures to their game. Just a simple skycraper takes up a lot of time to create, forget about a whole street.

Here’s a little video to show you how the Minecraft team is working hard on the task:


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