It is frustrating how you will spend hard earned money to buy a console and the next minute a higher version is out. Developers cap it up by abandoning production for the former and you just get to watch and bite your fingers at those new titles you wish you can play, if only you have enough money to upgrade your console.

gta 5 look alike free game saints row undercover

Well, that may begin to change because a Saints Row developer (Volition) has given life to a GTA 5 type of PSP game (intended for PS2) and to put an icing on the cake, this game will go for free.

Mind you, this is not GTA V but a look-alike which is fun and free. The game nicknamed Saint’s Row Undercover was a failed 2009 project for PSP. A staff stumbled upon it while going through some trash in the closet. The reason why the project was abandoned is not clear but it has a new shot at life in the hands of gamers. It may appear like a cheap version of GTA 5 that stabs the great game at the back but who really cares?

A hint of the game’s initial demise is associated Volition developers thirst for perfection. It apparently seems someone was ashamed to show it off because it wasn’t the polished, gold coated type of production and this kept the game out of daylight for so long. Volition’s idea of a perfect game is commendable but life is a risk and sometimes, it is hard to really tell what the fans will like and what they will not.

The single fact that the game is totally free is shocking and maybe shows how the developers belittle the game but instead of spending hundreds of dollars, some people will prefer to download ISO of “Saint’s Row Undercover” to their PC or PSP and enjoy the same feel. Who knows, this gesture may spill off into a trend. Who knows the number of games that were born but never get to see daylight?


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