We were expecting some genuinely scary Halloween stories for the month. But no. Instead, the most creepy story of the month is Samsung clamping down on a GTA modder. Not only did they force YouTube to remove the video but also ended up shutting down the guy’s channel. Samsung apparently DMCA’s the GTA 5 Galaxy Note 7 Video that shows their flagship mobile turned into a skin for a C4.

gta 5 galaxy note 7
via youtube

It looks like Samsung didn’t like the GTA 5 Galaxy Note 7 Video

For those who don’t know, the Galaxy Note 7 has become notorious for exploding randomly. Samsung was already the laughing stock of the internet and one GTA 5 modder decided to take it up a notch. He made a mod that replaced the C4 skin with that of the Galaxy Note 7. It was hilarious and all in good fun. But leave it to Samsung to ruin the fun and be the party pooper.

via thenextweb.com

Samsung tried to fix the issue but so far it’s been unsuccessful. There are still numerous reports of batteries catching fire even when turned off. Instead of clamping down on a modder, they should focus on fixing the phone.

“The Note-as-bomb mod, created by HitmanNiko, is clearly a parody of a rather unfortunate real world situation. He didn’t copy anything. But that didn’t stop Samsung from filing a bogus copyright claim. As a result, the video that we originally linked to earlier this month has been pulled from YouTube, and there’s little mystery about the party responsible.”

There are still videos, all over the internet, showing this mod. Once it’s on the internet, it never goes away. So, Samsung’s attempt to use the already unfair and notorious YouTube censorship to clamp down on a channel ultimately wrecked them even more. The internet is soon going to explode with more GTA 5 Galaxy Note 7 videos and they are probably going to be way more hilarious.


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