GTA 5 tipster Yan2295 has revealed new information about GTA 5’s online component, GTA Online. Supposedly, we will see the release of more custom cars: the Sabre, Tornado and Minivan throughout the month of April.

GTA Online Lowriders

According to Yan2295, Rockstar will release the Tornado Custom on April 5th, followed by the Minivan Custom on April 12th. The release of the Minivan Custom will be accompanied by a new adversary mode, called “Inch by Inch”. We don’t yet have details on what this mode entails, but the name suggests territory or resource acquisition.

Finally, the Sabre Turbo Custom will arrive on April 19th, and that will be the final DLC for the month. A second adversary mode, “In and Out”, will be released on May 3rd. While we’ve previously heard rumours of “Inch by Inch”, “In and Out” is relatively unknown. It is unclear where this is the same as the “One by One” mode we’ve heard of before.

Yan2295 is confident about these dates, but that doesn’t mean Rockstar may not change them. Rockstar has not confirmed this information, and has also not announced the DLC yet, so there is plenty of room for them to shift things up. Knowing Yan2295’s track record, though, you can expect the DLC to arrive this month at least.

What do you think about the upcoming DLC for GTA Online? Let us know in the comments below.


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