Last week (which also brought the month of January to a close) ended with Rockstar teasing its fans with a new ‘Drop Zone’ Adversary mode. The parting statement for those that got to see it was “… keep an eye on GTA online next month for some items you’re sure to fall in love with…” We are in the talked-about next month, and it happens to be the month of the Valentine’s Day, the season of love. So what next?


MrBossFTW, a GTA tipster and YouTuber, shared a video on his Youtube channel alleged to be from the ‘Be My Valentine’ DLC. The video showcased new vehicles, their apparel, and their selling price. One of the new cars unveiled was the New Roosevelt Valor.

The anticipated Albany Roosevelt Valor is expected to go for a whopping $982,000. MrBossFTW nursed suspicion concerning the price because Rockstar had a tradition of rounding up prices like $985,000 or $1,000,000. Either way, Albany Roosevelt Valor will need you to break a bank to bring it to your garage. ARV also has a lot of available customizable.

MrBossFTW in another video showed one of the custom parts which make ARV have the Ford ’32 hot-rod look. This will surely excite fans who love the latter. Also available are lots of aesthetic upgrade e.g slimmer chrome bumper, arch covers, side hood grille, racing wheels, lights, fender ornaments, step plates, horns and other fine details that will make your Albany Roosevelt Valor stand out. A comparison of the new ARV with the old will be a gruesome waste of time.

MrBossFTW also threw more light on the apparel coming to both male and female characters. Girls will get cool Valentine wear such as the ‘charm’ dress which will go for $21,515. The dress comes with complementary jewelry and heels. The ‘Paramour’ will go for $19,913. ‘The admirer’ appears to be the most expensive dress and will sell for $56,094. There are also cheap lingeries at $12,115 to the more expensive ‘The Azure’ underwear costing $83,241.

‘The Suitor’ suit for men goes for $15,471 and there is a more expensive ‘The Romeo’ at $20,058. Compare to the female undies, the men get it cheap with ‘The Leopard’ at $11,451 and ‘The Relaxed’ with its tank top going for $22,478.

We don’t know whether or not the GTA 5 Be My Valentine DLC video has revealed everything that the DLC has to offer. There might be still some secrets left as a surprise for the players, and all of them will be probably released on 14th February. You can watch the ‘Be My Valentine’ DLC below. Can anyone guess what else will the DLC bring to the game? Comment below!


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