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GST (Goods and Services Tax) has been implemented in India. It replaces all the other taxes on Indian good and services. The arrival of GST has brought attractive discounts on various devices from different brands. Apple too has introduced interesting discounts on various models of iPhones, iPad, MacBook, and Apple Watch.


The 128 GB iPhone SE that was previously selling for Rs. 37,200 is now available for Rs. 37,200 and Rs. 35,000. The 256 GB iPhone 7 that was selling for Rs. 80,000 is now reduced to Rs. 74,400 after the introduction of GST. Here is the entire list of discounts on different iPhone models.

iPhone SE Old Price New Price
32GB Rs. 27,200 Rs. 26,000
128GB Rs. 37,200 Rs. 35,000
iPhone 6S
32GB Rs. 50,000 Rs. 46,900
128GB Rs. 60,000 Rs. 55,900
iPhone 6S Plus
32GB Rs. 60,000 Rs. 56,100
128GB Rs. 70,000 Rs. 65,000
iPhone 7
32GB Rs. 60,000 Rs. 56,200
128GB Rs. 70,000 Rs. 65,200
256GB Rs. 80,000 Rs. 74,400
iPhone 7 Plus
32GB Rs. 72,000 Rs. 67,300
128GB Rs. 82,000 Rs. 76,200
256GB Rs. 92,000 Rs. 85,400


iPad and iPad Mini

The 128 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular was selling for Rs. 47,900, but now it is available for Rs. 46,300. The old price of 128 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular was Rs. 45,900, but now it is available for Rs. 44,500. The Wi-Fi only as well as Wi-Fi and Cellular models of these iPads have also received price cuts.

iPad Old Price New Price
32GB Wi-Fi Rs. 28,900 Rs. 28,000
128GB Wi-Fi Rs. 36,900 Rs. 35,700
32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular Rs. 39,900 Rs. 38,600
128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular Rs. 47,900 Rs. 46,300
iPad mini 4
128GB Wi-Fi Rs. 34,900 Rs. 33,800
128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular Rs. 45,900 Rs. 44,500
10.5-inch iPad Pro
64GB Wi-Fi Rs. 52,900 Rs. 50,800
256GB Wi-Fi Rs. 60,900 Rs. 58,300
512GB Wi-Fi Rs. 76,900 Rs. 73,900
64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular Rs. 63,900 Rs. 61,400
256GB Wi-Fi + Cellular Rs. 71,900 Rs. 68,900
512GB Wi-Fi + Cellular Rs. 87,900 Rs. 84,500
12.9-inch iPad Pro
64GB Wi-Fi Rs. 65,900 Rs. 63,500
256GB Wi-Fi Rs. 73,900 Rs. 70,900
512GB Wi-Fi Rs. 89,900 Rs. 86,400
64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular Rs. 76,900 Rs. 74,100
256GB Wi-Fi + Cellular Rs. 84,900 Rs. 81,400
512GB Wi-Fi + Cellular Rs. 1,00,900 Rs. 97,000

10.5-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro

The 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro devices that were newly introduced iPad Pro. All of its variants are available with discounts ranging from Rs. 2,100 to Rs. 3,400 on the highest configuration model. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro variants are also available with discounts ranging from Rs. 2,400 to Rs. 3,900.

MacBook Air Old Price New Price
128GB SSD Rs. 80,900 Rs. 80,900
256GB SSD Rs. 96,900 Rs. 96,900
12-Inch MacBook
1.2GHz Rs. 1,09,900 Rs. 1,04,800
1.3GHz Rs. 1,34,900 Rs. 1,28,700
13-Inch MacBook Pro
2.3GHz/ 128GB (Non-Touch Bar) Rs. 1,09,900 Rs. 1,04,900
2.3GHz/ 256GB (Non-Touch Bar) Rs. 1,26,900 Rs. 1,21,100
3.1GHz/ 256GB Rs. 1,54,900 Rs. 1,47,900
3.1GHz/ 512GB Rs. 1,71,900 Rs. 1,64,100
15-Inch MacBook Pro
2.8GHz/ 256GB Rs. 2,05,900 Rs. 1,95,800
2.9GHz/ 512GB Rs. 2,39,900 Rs. 2,28,100

MacBook Air and Pro

The 1.3 GHz MacBook that carried an older pricing of Rs. 1,34,900 is now available for Rs. 1,28,700. Also, the 15-inch touchbar enabled 512 GB MacBook Pro that was previously priced at Rs. 2,39,900 is now listed for Rs. 2,28,100.

Mac Mini Old Price New Price
1.4GHz Rs. 40,990 Rs. 40,990
2.6GHz Rs. 56,990 Rs. 57,700
2.8GHz Rs. 79,990 Rs. 82,100
Mac Pro
3.5GHz 6-Core Rs. 2,49,900 Rs. 2,43,100
3.0GHz 8-Core Rs. 3,29,900 Rs. 3,18,100
21.5-Inch iMac
2.3GHz (Non-Retina) Rs. 90,900 Rs. 90,200
3.0GHz Rs. 1,07,900 Rs. 1,06,400
3.4GHz Rs. 1,24,900 Rs. 1,23,700
27-Inch iMac
3.4GHz Rs. 1,48,900 Rs. 1,47,400
3.5GHz Rs. 1,65,900 Rs. 1,66,000
3.8GHz Rs. 1,89,900 Rs. 1,89,900

Apple Watch

Apple Watch 2 that was previously costing Rs. 32,900 can be now purchased for Rs. 31,600.  The highest configuration Apple Watch Edition that was priced at Rs. 1,10,900 can be now bought for Rs. 1,05,700.

Apple Watch Old Price New Price
Apple Watch (Series 1) Rs. 23,900 Rs. 22,900
Apple Watch (Series 2) Rs. 32,900 Rs. 31,600
Apple Watch Nike+ Rs. 32,900 Rs. 31,600
Apple Watch Edition Rs. 1,10,900 Rs. 1,05,700


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