When a doctor like Alex Karev comes to needle a disease out, anyone would willingly smile away the pain. Grey’s Anatomy has been a consistent winner of excellent TRP since its first season and has gained a loyal fan base, but recently the sitcom has been signalling a probable unfortunate exit, i.e. the exit of Dr. Alex Karev. Well, the departure is not yet confirmed but the present, season 13, has been hinting out that the character will soon leave the Grey and Sloan memorial hospital. Not a smooth news but something more saucy can be expected, just saying, as Ellen Pompeo, in her recent interview has expressed her interests in casting Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum in the epic series.


But, let’s talk the rumour number one first, Justin Chambers leaving the show, why; Yes we have seen some recent blackouts going on in Karev’s life, his brave gesture to put his job in danger for a patient and his on and off segment with Meredith while they have a friendly moment in her bed. It’s like hints are all over the place. Well, a positive note that the show maker, Shonda Rhimes has not yet confirmed the news, but the exit is surely in talks or is maybe confirmed at the back door.

Crawling to rumour number 2; casting of Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum is in the air. Since nothing is confirmed as the reports are only drawn on the basis of an interview of Ellen Pompeo with Extra’s. But hopes are high as she said that she finds the real-life couple more than just adorable, yeah we agree with you, Pompeo. No confirmation yet, but the talks of it has made Grey’s Anatomy more interesting. Yikes!    


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