Gretel GT6000 presale has started and the company is banking some of its main features like a huge battery, dual rear cameras, and Parallel space. The GT6000 is a budget-friendly smartphone that is packed with a massive 6,000mAh battery. It comes with a fingerprint scanner placed at its front, and the rear side houses a dual camera system that is capable of snapping images with bokeh effect.

The main camera includes a 13-megaapixel MN34172 sensor from Panasonic with f/2.2 aperture. The second camera helps in shooting images with bokeh effect. The dual cameras are supported by a dual-LED flash. Gretel is providing the latest Android Nougat OS on the phone coupled with some amazing features from the company.

Geotel GT6000

The Gretel GT6000 supports over 190 different languages and it also comes with one-hand usage feature and another great feature called Parallel Space which makes it possible to use to two different accounts on the same phone. It means users can run two instances of the same app with two different accounts.

For example, a user can access his business Facebook account as well as personal Facebook account simultaneously through two different instances of Facebook app. It means there is no need to log out from one Facebook to access the other account. Parallel space is available for various apps like VK, Twitter, Telegram, Google+, games and more.

Geotel GT6000

Accessing two different accounts will not cause any conflict between two instances of the same app. It is a very handy feature for users with dual SIM cards and also when the handset starts performing sluggishly.

The presale of Gretel GT60000 has already started on Amazon, Gearbest and AliExpress and other online retailer stores. The shipments will begin on June 13. On Gretel’s official Spanish Facebook, it is giving away a free GT6000 phone. The giveaway will be soon introduced on Gretel’s English Facebook page and also on VK page for Russian fans.


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