Followed by the historic release of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the Tim Cook led company made a tentative announcement that the much awaited ‘AirPods’ will make official entry to the market in the late October 2016. But it never materialized. However, it has been a talk of the town that the innovative wireless AirPods will hit the market in 2017.


Nevertheless, proving the speculations incorrect, Apple’s first completely wireless ear pod ‘AirPods’ is slated to grab the shelves on November 17. But here is the catch-Apple is releasing the AirPods in European market on the said date.

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As originally reported by ApfelPage, Apple would kick-start the shipping all over Europe later on November 18-19. However, there isn’t any official citing available from the company.


For those unaware, Apple AirPods is powered by Apple’s proprietary W1 chip coupled with dual optical sensors and accelerometers that allow the device to detect when AirPods are in your ear. So when the user removes the AirPods, iPhone automatically pauses the music.

You also can access Siri by double tapping the AirPods for selecting and controlling the music, changing volume, checking battery life or even to perform any other task.

As stated by the Apple, Air Pods will be sold as a separate accessory for $159 in the US with a charging case. It would cost Rs. 15,400 in India. However, there isn’t any official announcement on when the AirPods will hit the Indian market yet.


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