Rockstar Games: GTA 6 Release, What Becomes of GTA V?

Grand Theft Auto V served fans well. Rockstar games knew this and that was the reason they made sure it became available across board. It made its début on the 16th of September 2013 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but they didn’t stop there. On the 18th of November 2014, it was available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Windows PC got it last on 14th of April 2015. When it was rumored that Rockstar games are planning Grand Theft Auto VI, all that seemed to change.

gta 6 release date

Brief Bio Of GTA V

It took about four years to develop and gulped another two years to make it available across all board. It has two modes, single and multiplayer. Single player mode takes the form of its predecessors but the multiplayer is less to be desired.

The multiplayer mode has been overrun by cheats and hackers. Rockstar has left them unchecked on the PC server and they are ruining everything. The complains from players of GTA V have spilled into the review but Rockstar seems to have a deaf ear to that.

GTA VI: News And Rumors

With the success of GTA V, fans are already pre-empting Rockstar for a follow up. Rumors came that the game may be released with PlayStation 5 and XBOX 2 somewhere around 2018 – 2020. Through this, Rockstar has remained mute.

Whereas, GTA V is not a total wrap. There are still bugs to be fixed and yet, no DLC for it. Even though there are indications that GTA VI might be in its planning stage, it is unlikely that we will hear anything from GTA VI without Rockstar first cleaning up GTA V.

“We are hiring gaming writers”

The Future

Rockstar has been excellent in single player game. There is also a strong indication of moving from one protagonist (with the addition of a female character). However, the multiplayer game needs serious work. The anti-cheat software has to be taken serious if they hope to attract more players.

They could employ a community based solution which worked for games such as mine-craft. Till then, we eagerly await DLCs for GTA V.

  • David Thomas

    What a croc of crap.
    Gta online has been plagued by people modding but at the end of the day there’s still a very large number of people around the globe who play regularly.
    Just avoid the pc !

    • Mombasa69

      Well said, anyone that uses mods should be banned for life imo. Complete and utter brainless ****s!

  • ShinjiOda

    GTA V, what happens to GTA IV.
    GTA IV, what happens to GTA III.


  • Wile E. Coyote

    GTA VI should be PC only! Those are the best of times anyways. Let the little boys and girls get it last this time. Just because they don’t know how to make a gaming pc doesn’t mean pc gamers (the original gamers) should suffer. Now I’ll open the flood gates for the fan boys. haha

    • breakthings

      No modern AAA company would be stupid enough to release a title PC only. Consoles are a huge reason the industry even exists today. As for your “original gamers” theory, completely wrong. The PC platform wasn’t established till around ’83. Several consoles predate that, the magnivox odyssey probably being the oldest, from ’72. This is either some severely misguiding way of thinking you’re subscribing too or you’re an awful troll.

      It’s great that you play on PC, but stop acting like a jackass please? You make the rest of us look bad.

      • Wile E. Coyote

        I played an Odyssey, I owned a 2600. Both of which I did after playing my comodor 64. And PC games WHERE the original games. I was kind of joking but who cares? It’s great that the companies can make many millions instead of just ‘a million’ because of the consoles. Lesiur Suit Larry was sweet on the IBM back in the day. PONG was played in the 1960’s, I think it was at UCLA or something. That’s all I’m saying, not gonna argue, games rule!

      • Wile E. Coyote


    • Mombasa69

      I like games being released on consoles, as us PCgamers, can have a good laugh at the Console clones,.

      • Wile E. Coyote

        OK you DO have a point there. I guess I was just still a little ticked because of the time it took for GTA V to come out on PC.

      • Frank Perez

        Agreed, Its funny Think of games like Unreal tournament, Which led the way for gears of war.
        I mean we could go on forever on how PC created the genres that consolers love, Call of duty, Battlefield, Medal of honor, Counter strike…. Lets be real all console gamers who have no respect for PC shouldn’t play the games they love then, Since PC is where they come from… The list goes on and on as to where and what you should expect even need for speed (Road and track) comes from PC. That being said i appretiate console gaming, As i do have a PS4,3,wiiu/wii, 3ds,vita. I just dont care for xbox since im a PC gamer at heart.

      • Wile E. Coyote

        True, I forgot about that. It’s just been a while since a true blockbuster was PC only. Oh well: more platforms = more games.

  • Roby K

    if denuvo proves harder to crack in the future then Rockstar should make GTA 6 for PC from scratch not a port al tho console exclusive means bigger profit


    It’s unlikely GTA VI will be released until the PS5 is out, sorry guys

    • Mombasa69

      Good, I want a few more years enjoying GTA V tbh.