We saw a couple of ambitious game modding teams have revealed their striving plans to create some new Grand Theft Auto 5 Mods in past several weeks. According to the Modding teams, they have been working really very hard to port into the GTA V’s maps from any of the previous entries in the series.

gta 5

It seems they had no luck, but today another ambitious and quite reputable modding team has announced their new modding project. This new project of the new team is a lot different from the ones we saw in the past weeks.

A modding team that goes by the name of White Team, has announced it today that they’re working hard on Red Dead Redemption V Mod for GTA V. According to them, once the project is completed, they’ll be able to port the full Red Dead Redemption map into Grand Theft Auto V.

red dead redemption 2

They also said that they are currently working on a teaser trailer for the mod and they will release it soon. The beta of this mod will be launched later this summer.

If the mod gets available, it’ll definitely improve overall Xbox 360 version of the game. This is the same version from which they are converting the map.

The Grand Theft Auto V Mod is not yet released and there is no final release date revealed by anyone until now. We’ll keep all of you informed about the new developments in this project and will share with you as soon as they are available.

Let’s hope this mod for Grand Theft Auto becomes a reality and heaps’ acceptance from the players around the globe. It’ll definitely be a great addition to the already circling mods and will offer great entertainment.

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