A new story has been going around, leaking that Grand Theft Auto 6 will take place in London, England. The series has been to London in the past, leading us to believe this could be legit. Grand Theft Auto is a series unafraid to revisit the cities it’s used in the past, but London is one setting it’s unlikely to return to, Rockstar Games has revealed.

gta 6 official location
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Grand Theft Auto 6 to take place in London?

We would seriously love the next Grand Theft Auto 6 being in London. Considering the amount of excellent work Rockstar did with GTA 5, it would be equally just as fantastic if it were located in London this time around. Especially as the game has never set foot in Europe since the very beginning. It looks as if the next GTA game is going to be another Vice City.

The majority of police officers in Britain ‘do not’ carry guns. There are only a select amount of police officers who carry weapons in the UK. They actually have units that are called ‘Armed Units’ and they respond to situations that require their assistance other than that you won’t see an armed police officer patrolling the streets. This could offer a new dynamic to how Rockstar handles police in their games.

Edinburgh has too much history and it’s too picturesque a place to set it. But we would love to see it stretch over maybe Glasgow, Manchester, and Leeds. That would give it a lot of room to breathe in terms of cultures and would certainly be gritty enough to encase a GTA game.


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