Gotham, focussed on corruption, filthy politics and crime of the city and the struggle of high-end cops to eliminate the same has been riding high with its soaring success. With just 2 seasons old, the series has earned a great TRP, i.e. 8/10 as seen on IMDB. Well, there is no batman in the series, but the character of Bruce Wayne is slowly evolving which is a must watch. But we are here to talk about the season 3 of Gotham, whose spoilers suggests that Nathaniel Barnes who once was the perfect cop will slowly turn into something villainous.


As the series suggests, he has a strict sense of moral values and a very rigid code of conduct which is what makes him the feared. But the good cannot stay good forever right, and this is what is going to happen in the upcoming episodes of Gotham. He was injected with Alice Tetch’s blood- Naian Gonzales Norvind which straight away entered his eyes further messing his mind. The strength that was gifted to him by the blood made him lose control over his mind.

As per his power narrates, the blood makes him hear things in his head i.e. “Guilty” and this further forces him to kill any person he things should be tagged as Guilty. This is indeed a dangerous game and is expected to get uglier and uglier, episode by episode. What makes us more curious is the fact that how will the cops of Gotham will deal with the ugly side of Mr. Nathaniel Barnes as there are chances that he might turn into Bane. Can’t wait!