After two years of being the CEO at GoSwiff International, Simone Ranucci Brandimarte left the position. GoSwiff, which is a mobile payment service and the global financial solutions based in Singapore, has welcomed Mark Patrick as its new CEO today. Before joining GoSwiff, Mark was the Managing Director at the online and mobile commerce division of Ingenico ePayment in Asia Pacific.

mark patrick goswiff

Talking more about Mark Patrick, he is also the founder of Janus Payment Solutions and has also been at VeriFone Inc. and MasterCard Worldwide at senior management positions. Expressing his excitement, Mark said that the payments industry is currently at the top in terms of technological growth and that he is excited to be at GoSwiff.

Mark has a lot of international experience that will do wonders for GoSwiff, and the new CEO plans to focus on the development of new and unique payment services and solutions by using the latest trends in mobile technologies. GoSwiff, that started out in 2010, is currently operating in 25 markets and wants to bolster its platform with Patrick as the leader.

Surely, the e-payments sector is booming and is one of the biggest things connected to the internet right now. GoSwiff expects Mark Patrick to apply his expertise and experience in the finance sector to bring the company to the international market with global recognition. Let’s see if Mark is able to handle this new challenge.


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