News GoPro VR and LiveVR Launched, Omni VR Rig Priced at $1500

GoPro VR and LiveVR Launched, Omni VR Rig Priced at $1500

After unveiling the Omni VR six-camera rig last week, GoPro has finally launched GoPro VR a couple of days back and also launched LiveVR, a HEROCast wireless VR streaming tool. The price of the Omni rig has also been announced, so let’s take it one by one.

What is GoPro VR?

Basically, GoPro VR is a channel for virtual reality and 360-degree videos. The channel has been launched on the web and is also available on mobile devices in the form of Android and iOS apps. The platform is meant for sharing VR video content made from GoPro cameras. The content will initially come from the artists and athletes sponsored by the company, but user-generated content (just like YouTube) will surely follow soon. Check out the GoPro VR video below.

How Much Does Omni VR Rig Cost?

GoPro has priced the Omni rig at $5000 for the whole package that comes with six cameras, memory cards, cables, smart remote, Kolor software, etc. In case you have a lot of GoPros already, then you can buy just the right for $1500 (pre-orders have already started). Don’t worry, it’s not like the rig is just a skeletal frame; it has got a particular hardware to operate all the cameras easily like one.

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If the price of the Omni VR rig sounds too much to you, then perhaps you haven’t heard about the pricing of its competitors. The Odyssey rig costs $15000 all-inclusive, it comes with 16 cameras, but can be currently bought only through an invite. Even though Omni might still seem expensive for budget VR content makers, but believe us, it’s one of the most simple ones to use.

GoPro is very keen on making a huge mark in the VR industry, which is growing at a very rapid speed and is undoubtedly the highlight of 2016. We expect more VR releases soon, so stay tuned.



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