With the evolution of communication technologies, Emails have become more than just a text sending services. One can send attachments, links, and a lot more with ever evolving email protocol. And today, Google has just expanded the functionality of Gmail with the ability to receive emails of up to 50 MB directly. The sending size limit still lurks at 25 MB, though.

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As reported by G Suite Updates, Gmail users can now open attachments in an incoming mail of up to 50 megabytes in size. The 25 MB harsh limit for attachment to an outgoing message or reply is still in play. This limit is applicable to all attachments included, meaning you can’t just add two 25 MB files while composing an email.

Even though it’s a massive upgrade for the Gmail service, one really wonders if it’s worth it. Most users nowadays make use of cloud storage services like OneDrive, Dropbox and others to share files bigger in size. In fact, Google itself emphasized on using Google Drive for sharing larger files. One can share non-document files of up to 5 terabytes via Google Drive.

Basically, the change has been prompted to allow users to receive oversized attachments from non-Gmail accounts like massive PowerPoint presentations or Photoshop files.

While the change is welcoming, there is a drawback too. As we all know Gmail storage is infinite, these incoming emails with bigger attachments will slowly eat up the free space provided by Google to its user. Only time will tell, whether the expanded functionality works in favor or otherwise. In case, you receive professional files on your Gmail account, you can convey the news to your colleagues and make use of it.

Do let us know if the Gmail attachment file size limit bothered you ever or it is just one of those things you never had to worry about?


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