Google+ was unable to create huge waves in the world of social media just like Facebook or Twitter did. However, the service has got its own respectable loyal user base, and Google is not going to give up on Google+ anytime soon. Every update brings new improvements to lure more active users, and one such update is being sent out today. Googler Luke Wroblewski has shared the changes that we will see in the Preview version.

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Many people would prefer their searches in Google+ to stay private, which is why a new feature helps you clear Google+ searches constantly. Whenever you search for something, your recent searches come up as suggestions. But if you are worried about your privacy, the searches can be cleared by going to the settings.

The last update allowed you to stick important posts at the top of your profile. But the catch there was that you could have only one sticky post and it would be visible on your mail profile. However, the new Google+ update allows you to pin one post each in your profiles, communities, and collections. You can also now follow specific collections for sharing them on your network via post embeds.

Lastly, there are those usual general improvements and bug fixes that every update comes with. All these changes can be found in the Preview web version of Google+. It might take a few days before these changes are reflected in the Google+ Android app.


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