Google Project Fi has announced a new group plan that allows up to six members on a single plan. In group plans, users will have to pay $15/month per line. The data will also be charged similarly to individual plans. Google is also offering Nexus 5X and 6P at discounted prices in the US. Users will be able to create the groups from their Fi account page.

        Google Project Fi Group Plans to Allow Six Members on a Single Plan         Google Project Fi Group Plans to Allow Six Members on a Single Plan         Google Project Fi Group Plans to Allow Six Members on a Single Plan

With Google Project Fi Group Plans, users will be able to add their friends or your family members to their Project Fi plan. Users can now have up to six people on one plan. The new members in the group can be added at $15 per month (approx. Rs. 1,000) per line. The new members will get Fi Basics, which includes unlimited calls and texts.

The data charges will be similar to the company’s individual plans. Users will only need to pay for the data that they use. The data charges are priced at $10 for 1GB (approx. Rs. 670). Any amount of unused data will be credited back to the users in dollars and cents. Also, new members can easily join and leave a plan as they please without having to worry about fees.

The plan owners and users will both be able to keep a track of their data usage from the Project Fi app by Google. Managers will also be allowed to see the usage per member. Both group members and managers can enable notifications from the app about the used data.

Additionally, the Google Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P smartphones come with discounts of $150 (approx. Rs. 10,000) and $100 (approx. Rs. 6,700) respectively, when bought and activated via Project Fi.

With Project Fi, wireless service is simple and easy — you get seamless access to three 4G LTE networks, use data abroad at no extra cost, and you send and receive texts and calls across multiple devices. Last week we expanded our device options to include Google’s new Pixel phones, and today we’re excited to introduce Project Fi’s group plan: an easy way to share Project Fi with the people who matter most to you.

With Project Fi’s group plan, you can now have up to six people on one plan, making it easier to pay your bill, track data usage, and manage settings for everyone, all from one place. Project Fi’s group plan comes with all the features you know and love, along with a couple extras. – Google said on its blog post.

Learn more about joining the Project Fi here.

The Google Project Fi is designed around how people live. It intelligently shifts between multiple networks. The Project Fi automatically connects you to the best available signal [Wi-Fi or one of Google’s three 4G LTE partner networks]. With the flexible plan, you only need to pay for the data you use, get credited for the rest. It comes with no contracts, commitments, or penalties. Even while traveling abroad, your phone will automatically link up with one of Google’s international partners. The International data costs the same as home [$10 for 1GB].


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